More closures following recent UK Energy crisis

More closures following recent UK Energy crisis

Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Energy Executive (UK) floods news headlines today following her statement that the recent energy crisis in the United Kingdom stands to effect our retail industry, and more.

“Crisis in energy is an unusual black swan event”, she shared, “but we can expect to experience more under the current Energy and Climate plan.”

The Energy and Climate department has been hit with a huge backlash, as many of their ideas for new energy plans were shot down by opposition MPs in parliament recently.

But it is not just Energy and Climate that is running into problems either. Energy Suppliers are leaving the market at an enormous rate, most recently with Hive Energy, Scottish Hydro Electric suppliers and Flow Energy announced their closures earlier this week, with others taking the lead before them.

A lack of consumer trust in government programs is also high on the priority list after suppliers had raised prices by almost 30% last year alone, while offering consumers no choice but to buy from them – Until Brexit negotiations are complete, Energy and Climate Change Committee chair Angus MacNeil shared That they believe that Energy Bills will continue to rise, with little to stop them,

“The Energy and Climate Change Secretary’s refusal to accept any responsibility for our current Energy Problems is irresponsible. With Energy Prices rising almost 30% in 2 years it is clear who has failed consumers. Theresa May was warned about risks ahead but chose not to act”.

One report shared by Energy Live News saw Pinchbeck acknowledge that  this is only getting worse, with prices having risen by up to 300% in 2021 alone, and warns that the United Kingdom is, and will continue to be at the heart of the catastrophe. 

The OPEC Secretary-General’s recent comments that gas prices are going up because of countries trying to switch away from oil and towards renewable energy sources, should be taken seriously say analysts.

A few months ago she said: “OPEC must be absolutely terrified at how everyone suddenly realised they have been relying on volatile international commodities.”

Though, now it seems like her fear is coming true with more people understanding this dynamic between fossil fuels and other forms or power generation such as solar panels, which can produce electricity even when the sun isn’t shining.