E.ON celebrates as two million of its customers meters are now Smart

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  • Smart meters are an integral part of helping Britain act against climate change
  • With over two million smart meters installed across Britain, E.ON continues to help customers be more sustainable

Following on from its announcement that it is now providing 100% renewable electricity to all customers’ homes as standard, E.ON has now reached a new milestone with the installation of its two millionth smart meter.

This important milestone supports E.ON’s vision to help customers better manage their energy in a sustainable way, giving them greater control over the energy they need and use. Smart meters are the first step in a journey towards helping achieve a sustainable and personalised energy system and bringing Britain’s energy market into the 21st century.

Michael Lewis, Chief Executive of E.ON UK, said: “The future of energy is smart, personalised and sustainable. It’s a great accomplishment that we’ve now installed two million smart meters in Britain as this is a crucial first step for many householders in helping us, as a nation, reach our net-zero target.

“Through a combination of transformational actions both large and small by customers we can take responsibility across society and take positive action to help combat climate change, ensuring a more sustainable future for the next generation. Smart meters are free to install and help give people real power over their energy efficiency, helping to create a smarter grid for us all.”

New research from Smart Energy GB reveals that smart meter owners do more to save energy and are more likely to look into ways to use less energy, which is key to us achieving a decarbonised energy system.

With a modern, decarbonised energy grid Britain will be able to reduce its CO2 emissions and bring an end to fossil fuels. Small changes, like getting a free smart meter from 100% renewable electricity provider E.ON, can help us all in leading the energy transition and creating a smart, decarbonised system for future generations.

Join the revolution today and help Britain fight climate change – get a free smart meter installed by E.ON here.