Brits are reported to be pessimistic about Net Zero

Brits are reported to be pessimistic about Net Zero

The National Grid suggests that British pessimism towards achieving Net Zero has the potential to e linked to a lack of knowledge towards positive steps taken to encourage climate health.


A study done following this commitment made by the National Grid found that 37% of adults in Britain feel that we have reached a point of no return in regards to our climate, with a further 10% believing that the damage done is irreversible.


The study’s findings indicate that the British public is unaware of how much progress has been made in the country’s renewable energy sector and needs to be educated about it, so they can have a more positive outlook on our green future. The recent report showed Brits believe only 10% of their electricity is from low-carbon sources when 55% relies on clean energy to power our homes and businesses. They say that by spreading this news, people can be more optimistic for the future and may feel more encouraged to partake in climate action tasks.


Perhaps it’s our unfamiliarity with the terminology of carbon jargon that has us believing we generate 51-70% of electricity from fossil fuels. Close to a quarter think this is true when in reality this is only 36%.


Too many Brits are unaware of the decarbonization efforts that have been made to help combat climate change. In fact, nearly three-fourths (77%) had not heard of the term “decarbonisation” and over half were unfamiliar with words like net-zero (61%) or carbon neutral (42%).


Nearly 60% of Brits surveyed said they would feel more hopeful about the future if they knew what positive steps Britain is taking in its journey to achieving net-zero emissions.


This comes as just 10% have heard of COP26, an international summit focused on how countries can work together towards a low-carbon economy for all. National Grid has responded with their “Green Light Signal”, which consists of a green light bulb that will glow when electricity coming into your home is cleanest – so you’ll know exactly where it’s coming from and make smarter energy choices based on this awareness.


A representative from the National Grid commented that we have a lot to be hopeful for; Britain’s energy system hit a new green record this year, with almost 80% of electricity coming from zero-carbon sources. They also explained that we have cut carbon emissions from electricity systems by 66% in this time, so while there is still a lot to do in order to reach our Net Zero goals, the British public should e more encouraged than ever to get involved.


Despite this, it has been reported by The Guardian that Boris Johnson has once again failed to set out the UK plan to reach Net Zero in greenhouse gas emissions, despite the committee of MPs backing the governments green rhetoric. 

Johnson has a 10-point plan that will deliver net-zero emissions, including pledges to plant more trees and help develop new technologies such as hydrogen.

A report published on Friday outlines that there has been little to no communication between local and central government on this issue, with the public accounts committee ultimately stating that it has been close to impossible to engage the public.