Dublin X Google partnership looks to measure air quality in the area

Dublin X Google partnership looks to measure air quality in the area

Dublin City Council has teamed up with Google to capture the air pollution and greenhouse gas measurements of Dublin. The initiative will see an electric Jaguar I-PACE, run by Google take to the streets of Dublin in order measure these things from a car’s perspective.


The technology will help develop maps of street-by-street air pollution by measuring pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide and is the first time that one of these vehicles has been used to monitor pollution data in addition to Google Maps Street View imagery.

The vehicle is fitted with an air sensing platform that can measure pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and other particulates in the atmosphere. This information helps to create a street-by street map showing how different areas have varying levels of toxins present.


These days, not only is our air quality slowly but surely degrading in the face of climate change and pollution. But if you could see it too? That’s where Aclima comes into play with its mobile platform for sensing NO2, N20O6 CO, PM10 as well as ozone levels.

The car uses Aclima’s mobile air sensing platform to measure and analyse nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrous oxide (N20O6) carbon dioxide(CO), fine particulate matterand ozone levelsto pinpoint exactly what kind of environment we are breathing at any given time so that automakers can make transportation choices accordingly; a crucial step towards developing more environmentally friendly vehicles while also cutting down on automobile emissions worldwide.


But it doesn’t take a scientist to know that urban air pollution is an ongoing issue. Dublin has taken the initiative on this problem, however, and created Project Air View in partnership with Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) tool. The free platform uses Google data and modeling to help cities measure emission sources clearly identify strategies for reducing them. For example they are using it as part of their strategy around transport emissions


The Mayor of Dublin has been working with a number of city agencies, as well as the Department For Transport to create an initiative that will focus on improving air quality in Ireland. The plan is set to last for one year and aims at informing future clean transport programmes around the world while providing information about how our cities breath through everyday life.

Dublin City Council is now working with the UN Breathe Life Campaign to meet World Health Organisation guide values for air quality by 2030.


Paddy Flynn, Vice President of Google Geo Operations claimed that this new technology and resources are available for decision makers so that they are able to harbour the power in creating an even cleaner environment that will bring a more sustainable future to the beloved city.