Over 50% of cities are yet to be protected from climate threats, CDP Worldwide report.

Over 50% of cities are yet to be protected from climate threats, CDP Worldwide report.

More than half of the world’s cities are unprepared for climate threats. In its new report, the Carbon Disclosure Project discovered that 43% of our global city population live in areas without plans to keep them safe from these changes. 

CDP are an international organisation currently based in London. They run a global disclosure system for companies and regions on environmental performance – With their work, they are aiming to help companies and cities disclose and lessen their environmental impact.

Their self-report led study found that 93% of disclosing 812 cities reported they were at risk because their populations lack protection against rising sea levels or extreme weather conditions like heat waves, drought or floods caused by storms and hurricanes according to analysis released last week’s UN Environment Assembly meeting in Nairobi Kenya where mayors also discussed how “an urban agenda can lead us out (of) this crisis” as Mayor Ras Baraka put it during his opening remarks.


Climate change is a global problem that will only get worse if not addressed. It doesn’t discriminate, threatening the lives of people in big cities as well as those living rural communities if communities are not to introduce an emissions reduction target.


However, even though many cities are fiscally strapped due to the current state of their economy, they also don’t seem willing or able to provide for climate change. One-in-four revealing that financial troubles is currently what’s holding them back from putting plans in motion.


Why? Some claim that our statistics will only get better as the world recovers from isolation and the impact that Covid-19 took on all of our lives; the pandemic took resources with the necessary to protect lives and unfortunately diverted their attention in a way that is now having a critical impact on our environment.


It seems that CDP were right in 2019 in suggesting that less than 80% of countries would not reach their emissions goals by this time. 


The international non-profit has been encouraging cities to self-report data on their environmental goals as a way for them to measure, manage and compare emissions. This way, they found that out of 130 cites with more than 160 individual 2020 targets, only 20% are halfway towards achieving theirs or have completed it already. Those who haven’t posted any progress at all were excluded from the study, but over 800 cities voluntarily disclosed some amount of data to the group.


Unfortunately, even those few cities that meet their targets are not doing enough to curb climate change. Less than half of the 2020 goals met the criteria for Paris Climate Accord in 2015 and now a recent assessment backed by scientists found we will need triple these numbers if we want to keep global temperature rise at just 2 degrees Celsius above Earth’s pre-industrial levels which is what was agreed upon from the start of this project.