The Queen’s Speech at State Opening of Parliament promises environmental reform

The Queen’s Speech at State Opening of Parliament promises environmental reform

The Queen has delivered her speech to open this session of Parliament today unveiling a new programme of legislation which will ‘level up’ opportunities across the country and hope to give power back to local areas.


The Environment Bill, one of the 30 laws that ministers intend to pass in the coming year has been delayed three times. It aims at establishing new environmental principles and legally binding environmental targets following our departure from EU countries. This bill is especially important as it will come into effect after Covid-19 pandemic which left too few parliamentary days for debate so we need this legislation now more than ever before.


“The United Kingdom is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and will continue to lead the way internationally by hosting COP26 in Glasgow,”


The bill was delayed three times, the minister’s voice taking on a slight tone of urgency in warning that the Covid-19 pandemic left too little parliamentary time for debate on this topic.


“I have made it my personal mission to protect the environment and create jobs,” said Queen Elizabeth in a speech during her first public appearance since the death of Prince Philip last month. “My government will invest heavily into new green industries that meet these criteria for sustainability so we can expand our economy while still protecting what is most valuable: all life on Earth.”



You may be wondering why it took so long to get this law in place. Well, we can’t expect change overnight and I’m excited for us all to see the difference that these new regulations will make!


The Environment Bill is finally here after a year of delays and debates- you know how hard it was getting everyone on board with those binding environmental targets? Yeah… Anyway, one thing’s really important about this bill: We’re going to have an independent Office dedicated entirely towards protecting our environment since no other government department has been given jurisdiction over matters related solely by its importance or urgency.


With six months until the UK hosts COP26, it’s crucial that environmental issues are addressed. This is our chance to be world-leading and make a difference for nature in England!


The Climate Change Act of 2008 laid out ambitious commitments on climate change but since then we have seen nothing come from those promises so far. The current Parliament must act now by strengthening their Environment Bill with legally binding targets to reverse the decline of nature in England by 2030 as well tackling other global environmental challenges including transitioning towards sustainable supply chains which will hopefully create more jobs at home while decreasing carbon emissions abroad.


The Queen has announced that the UK will have some of the world’s highest standards for animal welfare, and any legislation to ensure this is brought forward. Legislation to support these plans was submitted earlier in 2018 and should be debated by Members of Parliament soon before COP26 later this year.