Audits of Renewables Obligation (RO) Generating Stations

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As the administrator of the Renewables Obligation (RO) and Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO) Schemes, we carry out an annual audit programme of generation stations. The purpose of the audits is to provide assurance that the information provided to us for accreditation and ROC claims is accurate, and to detect and deter non-compliance, misreporting and fraud in the schemes. To date, our audit programme has consisted of targeted audits.

Statistical Audits of Accredited Renewable Obligation (RO) Generating Stations

From 2020/21, the RO/REGO Audit Team will commence a new annual audit programme, which will be carried out alongside the existing targeted audit programme. The new programme of audits will consist of randomly selected accredited generating stations. The purpose of this programme is to increase our understanding of the level and types of non-compliance across the wider scheme population.

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