Consultation decision on proposed changes to the format of the Renewables Obligation (RO) Annual Report

The Renewables Obligation Orders require us to produce an annual report on the scheme by 1 April following the end of an obligation period. Much of the information we publish in the RO Annual Report is required under the Renewables Obligation Order (ROO) as part of our statutory functions. We also include additional information that we think is relevant and beneficial to scheme stakeholders and the general public.

On 9 October 2020 we published a consultation to seek views from stakeholders on the clarity and detail of the proposed changes to the RO Annual Report with a view to reducing the document length and improving readability. The consultation period closed on 6 November 2020. We reviewed all responses and produced a decision paper outlining the changes we agreed to make to the format and information contained within the RO Annual Report. The changes will be applied to the 2019/20 RO Annual Report, which is due for publication by 1 April 2021.