Consultation on increasing DCC’s revenue at risk against the Operational Performance Regime

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In May 2020 we consulted on revising the Operational Performance Regime (OPR) to optimise the financial incentives placed on DCC to drive better performance. As a monopoly company, it is important that DCC faces sufficient incentives to play its role well, delivering value for money and high quality services to support smart metering. This is key to ensure consumers are able to fully take advantage of the benefits of the smart meter rollout.

In response to the May 2020 consultation, stakeholders requested that we increase the incentive on DCC to perform well against the OPR. Following these requests, we are proposing to increase DCC’s revenue at risk against the OPR, achieving the aim of a stronger incentive.

We would implement this proposal through the OPR Guidance, which we will consult on in January 2021.

We have published the decision to the May 2020 OPR Review consultation alongside this consultation. Please email us your responses to this consultation at by 27 November 2020.