Consumer First Panel: Understanding consumer views on midata in the energy sector

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In March 2019, we talked to our Panellists to understand their views on sharing their energy data with third parties through midata, and when applied to a tariff comparison, how this might aid consumers when they make decisions about their energy options and potentially help them engage in the market.

Specifically, we…

  • Explored attitudes to using midata in energy, both online and offline;
  • Examined some of the barriers around consumers sharing their data with a third party;
  • Tested different options to identify accredited 3rd parties and the impact on consumer confidence and trust in the process

This research was conducted with customers who had a range of switching behaviours and helped to inform our early thinking on the subject. In July 2019, this was further developed in the Discovery user research. This phase involved a number of 1:1 depth interviews, specifically with energy customers who use price comparison websites but do not switch. In light of this, our thinking on the design of midata has evolved, however we believe there is value in sharing these useful early findings with stakeholders