COVID-19 (coronavirus) – information for licensees

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The government is leading the response to COVID-19 and all official advice, including the government’s action plan, is available at

Ofgem is working closely with government to ensure industry is taking all necessary precautions to serve the needs of customers, including the vulnerable and those who may need to self-isolate. We expect industry to take this seriously and want to ensure they have robust plans in place. This means taking proactive steps to maintain business continuity, including if a licensee has a reduced workforce.

Currently, all regulatory requirements remain in place for all licensees. We are closely monitoring the situation and we will update industry if circumstances change.

We are aware that the current situation will present a number of challenges. As usual, we expect industry to alert us to any issues that arise, and keep us informed of their plans to deal with these issues. We will consider any such circumstance in its context, including any official advice and logistical challenges outside the licensee’s control.

We are aware of a range of proactive measures being taken by industry to manage risks and protect customers and have heard a strong commitment to ensuring consumers are protected.

For any regulatory queries related to COVID-19, please contact in the first instance.