Decision on STOR in relation to an update to the Terms and Conditions related to Balancing

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On 3 February 2021, we received a proposal from the Electricity System Operator (“ESO”) to make amendments to the national terms and conditions related to balancing (“T&C”) required by Article 18 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing, as amended by the Electricity Network Codes and Guidelines (Markets and Trading) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 (the “EBGL Regulation”). This proposal relates to an update of the Short Term Operating Reserve (“STOR”) Auction Rules, STOR Assessment Principles, STOR Service Terms, STOR General Terms and Conditions and STOR Participation Guidance Document.

This letter sets out our decision to approve this update to the T&C and also outlines the necessary next steps that must be taken.