Decision to approve the updated Border Specific Annex to the Harmonised Allocation Rules for the Great Britain-France Bidding Zone Border

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On 27 May 2020, we received a proposal from the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of Great Britain (GB) and France (FR) to update the GB-FR Border Specific Annex (BSA) to the Harmonised Allocation Rules (HAR). The relevant TSOs have proposed updates to the already existing GB-FR BSA in order to take into account the amendments made to the HAR as well as enhance overall clarity of the document for the benefit of the market participants. The proposal was submitted to us by the relevant GB TSOs in line with our assignment of obligations, where we set out requirements falling under Articles 51 and 52 of the FCA Regulation as the responsibility of Interconnector TSOs.

This letter sets out our decision, in line with the Regulatory Authority agreement reached by the GB (Ofgem) and FR (CRE) Regulatory Authorities, to approve the updates to the GB-FR BSA. The letter concludes with an outline of the necessary next steps.