Electricity Network Access and Forward-Looking Charging Review: Demand-weighted distributed reference node

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We have recently held an online workshop with industry to discuss changes to the demand-weighted distributed reference node. The slides used in the workshop are published below. Not all of the circa 50 questions posed by attendees could be answered on the day and this page will be updated with a Q&A document as soon as is practicable.

We are seeking industry feedback on changes to the reference node approach. We believe that whilst we understand how changes could be made, and what the end result would likely be, we currently lack a clear justification for making those changes.

We invite industry to provide us with clear rationale for any changes to the current reference node approach. We do not require quantitative analysis of any options although parties are welcome to submit this. At this stage we are looking for market participants to provide justification for making any change to the demand-weighted distributed reference node, rather than to outline the specific outcomes of any individual change option.

Ideally, submissions should be made by Monday 20 April 2020, however we appreciate that parties wishing to respond may require additional time and therefore we will continue to accept submissions until 30 April 2020.

We are keen to hear in particular from those stakeholders who have not been able to engage with us via the Charging Futures Forum (CFF) or the Access SCR working groups.

Please send your responses to FutureChargingandAccess@ofgem.gov.uk