Enforcement case into Symbio Energy Limited’s compliance with the Renewable Obligation and Feed-in Tariff Orders

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Ofgem is opening an enforcement case into Symbio Energy’s compliance with Standard Licence Condition (“SLC”) SLC 33 of the Electricity Supply Licence, the  Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Order 2012, Articles  68 and 74 of the Renewable Obligation Order 2015 (as amended) (ROO) and Article 49 of the Renewable Obligation (Scotland) Order 2009 (ROS).

As a FIT Licensee, under the requirements of SLC 33 and the FIT Order 2012, Symbio Energy is required to make FIT Levelisation Payments on both a quarterly and annual basis. Symbio Energy made it’s FIT Year 11 Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 payments late.

Under Article 67 and 68 of the ROO, for the 2019/2020 compliance period, licensed electricity suppliers were required to discharge their RO in full, via the acquisition of Renewable Obligation Certifications (ROCs) and/or via making a payment (or balancing payment, taking into account the value of any ROCs produced) to the Authority by 31 October 2020. Symbio Energy did not discharge its obligation in full by 31 October 2020.

Article 74 of the ROO and Article 49 of the ROS requires licensed suppliers to pay towards mutualised costs, if mutualisation is triggered. Symbio Energy paid its Quarter 1 2018-19 mutualisation payment late.

Ofgem is investigating Symbio Energy’s compliance with these requirements.

The opening of this case does not imply that we have made any findings about non-compliance by Symbio Energy.