ESO Performance Panel Mid-Year Review 2020-21

The ESO Performance Panel (the Panel) plays a central role in the ESO’s regulatory and incentive framework. It challenges the ESO’s plans before the start of the year, evaluates the ESO’s performance after six months (the mid-year review) and then performs an end of year assessment.

The mid-year review was held virtually in November 2020. During the session, stakeholders and the Panel had the opportunity to raise questions and provide direct feedback to the ESO. The Panel reconvened to discuss and make its assessment of the ESO’s performance over the first six months of the 2020-21 year.

We are publishing this report as the secretariat for the Panel, detailing the Panel’s mid-year assessment of the ESO’s performance for the 2020-21 regulatory period. This report reflects the views of the Panel, not Ofgem. For the avoidance of doubt, the views in this report do not inform an incentive reward or penalty at this stage. These scores and views are indicative and are to inform the ESO on the areas where it is performing well and the areas where improvements need to be made over the rest of the year.

The Panel will meet again at the end of the financial year to carry out the end of year review and provide a recommendation to Ofgem on the ESO’s performance over 2020-21.