Minutes of the Authority meeting – 27 January 2021

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The meeting on the 27th covered:

1.  Chair’s opening remarks

2.  Draft minutes of the Authority meeting on 25 November 2020

3.  Chief Executive Officer’s Report

4.  Enforcement guidelines, Penalty Policies and Network and Information Systems review

5.  Future of Voluntary Redress Payments

6.  Ofgem Strategy and Policy Statement 

7.  Risk Management Strategy

8.  E-Serve administration of a future energy efficiency scheme

9.  RIIO-2 Strategic Innovation Fund 

10. Decision Logs 

11. GEMA Forward Look 

12. Communications Insights 

13. Draft Minutes of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, December 2020

14. Half-hourly Settlement Update: Timeline and Implementation

15. Other business and date of next meeting