NDRHI: Non-Tariff Guarantee Extension Applications- Draft Guidance for Comment

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The government announced in March 2020 that it would close the RHI Scheme in March 2021. However, due to unprecedented challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020, Government plans to allow certain Non-Tariff Guarantee eligible NDRHI projects which risk missing the NDRHI scheme closure deadline on 31 March 2021 to make an extension application granting an additional 12 months after scheme closure, until on or before 31 March 2022, in which to commission their plant and submit a properly made full application for accreditation.

The draft guidance explains our proposed administration of the extension applications that are available for non-tariff guarantee eligible installations in Great Britain. The guidance is based on the amendment regulations for the Renewable Heat Incentive Regulations 2018 (as amended) laid on 25 January 2021. The relevant amendment regulations come into force on 1 March 2021.

We are seeking stakeholder views on the proposed guidance document for Non-Domestic RHI: Non-Tariff Guarantee Extension Applications and would welcome your input. The comment period for this guidance document is open until 17 February 2021.

We welcome responses on the clarity and detail of the draft guidance. Please send your responses to RenewableHeat@Ofgem.gov.uk All responses will be reviewed and, where appropriate, reflected in the final version of the guidance document.

We plan to hold an online event about this guidance on 11 February 2021, although you are still encouraged to submit your comments in writing. More details about the online event will be published on our website here, which will include how to sign up for the event. If you have any further queries, please email us.

We aim to publish the final version of this guidance document on 1 March 2021 to align with the legislative changes taking effect.

Further guidance on other legislative changes associated with the closure of the NDRHI scheme will be published separately. These documents are due to be published in February 2021.