NTS Charging Methodology Forum (NTSCMF) session with CEPA on UNC678 quantitative analysis- 11 February 2020

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On 11 February 2020, we invited CEPA to the February NTS Charging Methodogy Forum (NTSCMF) meeting, organised by the Joint Office of Gas Transporters.

CEPA delivered a presentation regarding the quantitative analysis it undertook for Ofgem which informed our recent Gas Transmission Charging Review minded to decision and draft impact assessment. After the meeting, CEPA provided written answers to questions raised by industry parties.

We are publishing CEPA’s presentation and written answers for information. These materials were prepared by a third party (CEPA) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Authority.


The publication of our minded to decision in December 2019 was the beginning of our consultation on our minded to decision on UNC678. The consultation closes on 24 February 2020. We are engaging with stakeholders throughout the consultation period. You can also contact us directly – see ‘Get in touch’.

We will consider all responses to our consultation before reaching a final decision.

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