Ofgem information for energy licensees on coronavirus (COVID-19) response- 30 June update

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For RIIO-2, our plan remains to publish final determinations by the end of 2020, and for the new controls to begin from 1 April 2021.  

We propose to continue working towards publishing a consultation on our draft determinations for the transmission and gas distribution sectors and Electricity System Operator (ESO) controls on 9 July 2020, followed by a consultation on the electricity distribution sector methodology (RIIO-ED2) in late July 2020.

Given social distancing guidelines, we are not holding public open hearings ahead of the RIIO-2 draft determinations. We will continue to hold bilateral and working group meetings as normal, using teleconference or video conference facilities.  

Following publication of our draft determinations we will be holding a number of webinars to discuss sector specific outputs for transmission and gas distribution, as well as net zero and finance. During this time, we will also be attending a number of working groups and online events.

We welcome contact from stakeholders if they want to discuss any issues raised in the Challenge Group reportsIndependent Customer Engagement Groups/User Group report or in the wider call for evidence responses published in January and February this year.

We will keep the RIIO-2 programme under regular review and have contingency plans should a worsening of impacts from the pandemic make it unfeasible to deliver the existing RIIO-2 programme by 1 April 2021.