OPR Guidance Consultation January 2021

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We are consulting on the guidance for the revised Operational Performance Regime (OPR). The regime financially incentivises DCC’s performance in three main areas: system performance, customer engagement and contract management. 

This consultation sets out our proposals relating to the OPR Guidance to enable implementation. This includes setting the performance levels and values for the system performance penalty mechanisms; and detailed processes for the customer engagement and contract management incentives. It also includes proposals for a transitional year to provide greater certainty to stakeholders around the implementation of the new regime.

To aid stakeholders in their response to our consultation, we have published the draft OPR Guidance, draft Terms of Reference and two draft directions to illustrate the implementation of our proposed options for the transitional year. 

We plan to publish the final version of these documents, taking account of stakeholder feedback, alongside the consultation decision in March 2021.

Please email us your responses to the questions above at smartermetering@ofgem.gov.uk by 11 February 2021.