Prepayment meter (PPM) customers

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Self-disconnection occurs when PPM customers experience an interruption to their electricity or gas supply due to a lack of credit on their meter, or credit is not easily accessible. Closely associated with this is self-rationing for PPM customers. This is when customers may deliberately limit their energy use to save money, or restrict spending on other goods or services.

We are concerned about the impact of self-disconnection and self-rationing on PPM customers and the level of support provided to these customers.  In August 2019, we consulted on our initial policy proposals to help protect these consumers given the significant negative impacts experienced by consumers, particularly for those in vulnerable circumstances.

In June 2020, we published our statutory consultation seeking views on our final proposals. We have since published our decision to introduce a package of new protections to improve outcomes for PPM customers who go off supply or ‘self-disconnect’ and those who deliberately limit or ‘self-ration’ their energy use, and for consumers who struggle to pay their energy bills

Through the publications and update feed below you can access our publications and outputs produced in relation to self-disconnection.