Redevelopment of the Renewables and CHP Register – Beta phase update

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What is the redevelopment of the Renewables and CHP Register?

Ofgem is redeveloping the Renewables and CHP Register, currently used to administer the Renewables Obligation (RO), Feed-in Tariff (ROOFIT) and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) schemes. Our aim is to provide a new Register that is easier for you to use, provides a better user experience and ensure it is fit for purpose going forward. The new system will be called the Renewable Electricity Register (RER).

Can you provide an update on progress and recent activities of the RER Project?

External User Testing

The aim of user research during the beta phase is to test the RER with users to make sure it meets their needs and to understand and resolve usability issues. The beta phase of the project commenced in January 2020 with the project team conducting ongoing fortnightly user testing sessions with external suppliers, generators, participants and agents. We have tested functionality around: REGO accreditations, output data submission, query & response, fuel measurement and sampling (FMS), fuel mix disclosure (FMD), user migration and certificate management. The focus of future testing in the short term will include testing with users with enhanced accessibility needs and testing of functionality on the live system. The feedback from our user testing sessions so far has been very positive and provided the project team with invaluable feedback to incorporate into the new service.

Development of the live RER service

Development of the live service commenced at the beginning of the beta phase. The RER team used the information gathered during an extensive requirements gathering exercise, as well as findings from our internal and external user research so far, to develop the functionality of the RER. Live RER functionality developed to date includes: certificate management and transfer functionality, the improved review process, new user and organisation dashboards as well as elements of accreditations, user management and output data submission.

Project Timeline

Covid-19 restrictions have had a minimal impact on project progress, with the RER Project team continuing to work at pace remotely. The launch of the RER is currently planned for the end of Q3 2020/2021. Further updates will be published in due course as the project progresses.

Help us test the RER

A key aspect of the project is the migration of data from the existing Renewables and CHP Register to the new Renewable Electricity Register (RER). A priority for Ofgem is to ensure that all necessary data is migrated accurately and in full, and ensure that all the functions of the Register perform accurately and as intended.

We require volunteers to use the RER alongside the R&CHP by repeating all tasks on the new service. This will enable Ofgem to compare information and results from the old system and the new system. This period of data double entry would be for a period of 2/3 months from September 2020 to November 2020. Any assistance you can provide will help ensure that the launch of the RER is a success. If your organisation would like to be involved in this stage of the project, please contact us at