Retail Energy Code Schedules: Working drafts July 2020

Under the Retail Code Consolidation and the Switching Significant Code Reviews, Ofgem is working with stakeholders on the creation of a new Retail Energy Code (REC). We are publishing the latest working drafts of REC schedules here for transparency.

We paused stakeholder engagement and consultations on the Retail Energy Code in March 2020 to allow stakeholders to prioritise the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The documents published here may therefore contain material not previously discussed with stakeholders. They should be regarded purely as working drafts.

We expect to resume stakeholder discussions on these drafts in the coming weeks and to consult on them formally in the autumn of this year. We do not currently expect engagement or comments on these documents, but are open to receive views or questions.

More detailed information on a number of these working drafts is contained in the information document “REC Schedules: Working Drafts July 2020” below.

We are planning to update this page over the coming weeks to include further code drafting.