Workshop materials on RIIO-2 Strategic Innovation Fund

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For the RIIO-2 network price control, we are introducing the Strategic Innovation Fund to focus network innovation funding on strategic energy system challenges, and coordinate more closely with other public innovation bodies. As part of this, we will set the strategic direction (using Innovation Challenges) on what the SIF will fund. We will invite funding applications from network companies and the Electricity System Operator to address these Innovation Challenges, and seek to coordinate with other public funding bodies where appropriate.

We are holding workshops with various stakeholders, including government officials, academia, network companies and the ESO, in March and April to summarise and gather feedback on the priority themes for network innovation we have identified. Below we have linked slides that will be presented at this workshop, together with a draft of our Innovation Narrative which lays out our wider ambitions for innovation within the energy sector and where Ofgem sees the need for innovation to meet Net Zero.

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