Consultation outcome: UK internal market: policy option proposals

We received a total of 302 responses to the consultation broken down as follows:

  • individuals – 90
  • industry or trade bodies – 88
  • businesses – 68
  • political organisations – 18
  • charities – 17
  • local government – 3
  • academics – 3
  • other categories, including public and professional bodies and trade unions – 15
  • formal responses from the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive

Wider engagement through roundtables and direct calls with businesses, trade associations and business representative organisations involved a further 339 stakeholders across the UK.

The response overwhelmingly supported action to mitigate against both direct and indirect discrimination, including:

  • the principles of non-discrimination on the grounds of avoiding new trade barriers
  • ensuring regulatory consistency to deliver UK-wide benefits to consumers
  • certainty for businesses as the transition period ends

Responses regarding independent advice and monitoring exhibited a broader range of views. There was support for the concept of an independent body having a role within the internal market, particularly with the involvement of all 4 administrations of the UK, as a key way of ensuring transparency and consistency within the UK internal market.