Notice: Green distilleries competition

In his 2020 Budget speech, the Chancellor announced £10 million of new research and development funding to help distilleries go green. To meet net zero by 2050, all industries, including distilleries, must decarbonise as far as possible.

Phase 1 now open to applications

Phase 1 of the green distilleries competition will provide up to £500,000 in funding for feasibility studies looking into developing technologies that enable the use of a low carbon fuel in a distillery.

The invitation to tender and documents required to complete an application are available on Contracts Finder.

Phase 2 of the competition will consider applications to pilot key components or further develop the design of the new fuel switching solutions.

The programme will take a portfolio approach and aims to fund a range of different solutions which could include electrification, hydrogen, biomass or waste. In addition, enabling technologies will be considered and could include fuel conversion, transportation or storage.