Notice: Green Distilleries competition: expression of interest

In his 2020 Budget speech, the Chancellor announced £10 million of new research and development funding to help distilleries go green. To meet net zero by 2050, all industries, including distilleries, must decarbonise as far as possible.

Phase 1 of the Green Distilleries competition will fund feasibility studies looking into developing technologies that enable the use of a low carbon fuel in a distillery.

The programme will take a portfolio approach and aims to fund a range of different solutions which could include electrification, hydrogen, biomass or waste. In addition, enabling technologies will be considered and could include fuel conversion, transportation or storage.

Expression of interest

If you are interested in applying to the programme or attending our online stakeholder engagement day in September, please email titling the email ‘Green Distilleries’, and include your company name and the Lot you are most interested in. We’ll then ensure you are notified once further details become available.

Expressing interest in the competition or the stakeholder engagement day at this stage does not advantage a supplier and failing to do so does not preclude a supplier from participating in the competition.