Notice: Smart meter electric vehicle charging competition – winning projects

The Beyond Off Street Smart Meter Electric Vehicle Charging programme is intended to demonstrate how the smart metering system can be used to set charging times and rates wherever EVs (electric vehicles) are parked and charging over a period of several hours – to use electricity when it is at its cheapest, such as overnight or when electricity is available from renewable energy sources, and to balance and protect the electricity distribution network.

The programme will help to determine long-term policy for EV smart charging, which requires an interoperable and cyber secure system to ensure consumer protection (including data privacy) and grid protection. By acting as an interface between the EV user and the grid, the smart meter system can provide this protection.

Two projects have been selected to deliver the Beyond Off Street Smart Meter Electric Vehicle Charging programme:

  • Agile Streets
  • SmartSTEP

Each project will develop and test an Electric Vehicle (EV) chargepoint device incorporating SMETS2 smart meter technology. The objective is to demonstrate an innovative use of the smart metering system – to perform EV smart charging in public settings, including on-street residential and shared parking.

Each project will be conducted in 2 phases:

  • phase 1 (design, development and test) is expected to be completed by March 2021
  • phase 2 (manufacture and trial of 100 devices in on-street locations) is expected to be completed by March 2022. This is contingent on phase 1 outcomes and future funding