Notice: Smart meter-enabled tariffs comparison project: Smarter Tariffs – Smarter Comparisons

The half-hourly consumption and price data recorded by smart meters enables innovative products such as export tariffs, electric vehicle tariffs, and dynamic ‘time-of-use’ tariffs that reward consumers for using energy away from peak times or when there is excess clean electricity available.

The Smarter Tariffs – Smarter Comparisons project funds the development of tools to demonstrate how these smart meter-enabled tariffs can be compared, giving consumers the information they need to switch to the best deals and integrate new low carbon technologies.

The project will help to demonstrate: 

  • how tariffs can be compared in a smart energy system which offers consumers a greater range of products and services, including dynamic pricing
  • how to drive consumer engagement with smart tariffs and empower customers to make informed decisions
  • how smart meter data can be integrated into comparison tools to improve consumer experience and the accuracy of comparisons

The tendering process for this project has now closed.

The project is led by the Energy Innovation Programme and Smart Metering Implementation Programme. For further information, please contact: