Open consultation: Potential of marine energy projects in Great Britain: call for evidence

This call for evidence seeks evidence on the scope for innovative marine energy technologies across Great Britain, including floating offshore wind and wave and tidal energy. This is intended to feed into the forthcoming energy white paper.

It builds on the consultation which recently concluded on proposed changes to the Contracts for Difference scheme, including how we might support emerging renewable technologies which are still in a precommercial stage of development but have potential to reduce their costs over time.

Several respondents to that consultation noted that both floating offshore wind and other marine energy technologies had potential to achieve similar cost reductions to fixed offshore wind, and that they could enable the UK’s significant offshore energy resource to be used to full effect.

We are therefore seeking further views on the scope and potential of these technologies to better our understanding of the scale and location of projects that are in development, the opportunities they offer, the timescales for their development, and the challenges that they may face. Some projects are well known to us, but others less so. We are keen to hear from a range of stakeholders.

See the BEIS consultation privacy notice.

Please do not send responses by post to the department at the moment as we may not be able to access them.