Research and analysis: Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition (NDSEMIC): evaluation findings

The Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition (NDSEMIC) was an £8.8 million competition led by the Smart Metering Implementation Programme within the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

The main competition ran from 2018 to 2020 and aimed to maximise the potential for energy saving in 3 priority sectors:

  • hospitality
  • retail
  • school

To do this, it developed and piloted 7 energy management products and services that use smart meter data to help smaller organisations to manage their energy consumption better.

The research and evaluation programme ran in parallel to Phases 1-3 of the competition to draw out evidence about what is effective for delivering energy savings and to explore with stakeholders how to drive future market development.

These reports describe learnings from the research and evaluation programme detailing:

  • what worked across all 7 projects and why
  • learnings to inform future market development
  • insights for other innovators
  • the methodological approach to the evaluation and user impact case studies.