5 Ways to Cope With the Rising Cost of Living

5 Ways to Cope With the Rising Cost of Living

There is no way for regular citizens to stop the current crisis and prevent prices from rising. But, there are several things everyone can do to navigate the rising cost of living and survive these difficult times.  

Do an energy price comparison 

If your current energy contract is about to finish, make sure to do an energy price comparison to see what other deals are available on the market. Even if the deal you got when you were signing your contract was attractive, now, you can probably get something cheaper. Most of the time, you are better off signing a new deal than renewing your current one, even if you are staying with the same supplier

To make sure you are getting the most competitive deal, you should consider hiring an energy broker. They work closely with suppliers so they can sometimes help you find a contract that you would not find on your own.  

Make the most of government help 

Every household in the UK is able to get £400 as one-off cost of living payments. This payment is a grant that people do not have to pay back. On top of that, the most vulnerable families that currently receive some government benefits are eligible for a £650 payment. These payments might not be putting an end to the crisis, but they certainly make covering the most essential costs easier.  

Review subscriptions 

Many of us have certain recurring payments for services we barely use. Of course, if you watch Netflix every day, you do not have to cancel this one. But, you should review all your subscriptions to see if maybe there is some service you signed up to a while ago and you no longer use. When the cost of living was lower, a few additional pounds being taken from your account might not have been making a difference. Now, however, getting rid of any unnecessary fees can be live-saving.  

Think about relocating 

While moving to a different city can seem like something you would do as a last resort, it might be worth giving a thought. Living costs in the biggest cities, especially in London, are significantly higher than in other parts of the UK. Despite the crisis, there still are locations where people enjoy a relatively high average income compared to living expenses. Relocating, at least for a while, can be a way not only to deal with the increasing living costs but also to discover a side of the country that you have not seen before.  

Cut down your energy usage 

Reviewing your energy-consumption habits can make you realise that you use more energy than you actually need. Many people are not aware of the fact that simple things such as turning the lights off every time we go out, or unplugging electronic devices when we do not need them can result in big savings. In addition to financial benefits, by reducing your energy usage, you do something good for the environment.