E.ON finally finish their target to pass 2m NPower customers to E.ON Next in national business migration

E.ON finally finish their target to pass 2m NPower customers to E.ON Next in national business migration

E.ON has today announced it has transferred more than two million former npower home and business customers to its new platform E.ON Next, in just less than a year of the company’s acquisition of Npower late last year following their merger announcement back in 2018 – that follows on from an agreement by British Gas owner Centrica for divestiture earlier this week.”


E.ON said they achieved such success due to the positive response from customers who are what this move is all about acquiring Npower’s business energy supply unit last November (2018). Chief Executive Michael Lewis even shared that “achieving such positivity and customer happiness is hugely important,”


In less than 1 year, over 2m former NPower customers, E.ON now provides for over 3.5m homes in 2021, with the new platform already reaching a 5 star, “excellent” rating on TrustPilot in contrast to NPower’s 3 or less stars.



E.ON Next, formerly known as Innogy and npower in the UK, took over from E.ON to supply 100% renewable energy* for homes and small businesses that sign a contract directly with E.ON Next through dedicated customer service so each customer is looked after by their own team of Energy Specialists.



E.ON shared that its service platform is built exclusively on Kraken Technologies industry-leading platform, which aids in making them the country’s largest electricity supplier to date.


Kraken Technology is a subsidiary of Octopus Energy Group. It has developed an innovative technology that connects all parts in the energy supply chain, from renewable generation to customer service and billing. This makes it more efficient for customers who can now receive information about their account on any device they have (e-mail, text message). 


The company’s platform was designed with automation so far unseen by other companies competing in this market because its system manages many tasks at once using artificial intelligence algorithms which are able to learn how you use your energy, while understanding what each person needs based off past patterns and input data,  such as location or time period ranging between weeks/months/years ago when there might be inconsistent behavior within personal usage habits; meaning if someone doesn’t pay bills often then this will show for both the provider and the customer themselves as an alert.


These technologies can now be found operational throughout Europe, America, Australia as well as Japan with over eight million global accounts.


As well as being a leading provider of renewable electricity, E.ON also has the perfect solutions for your home and lifestyle including energy efficient boilers, smart thermostats, solar technology and heat pumps – all with 100% renewables. Visit their website for more information.