New SSE project announced to create an output of over 4.1GW

New SSE project announced to create output of over 4.1GWGW

Despite a handful of suppliers choosing to leave the industry this year due to crisis, Energy giant SSE continues to bring us hope after announcing that SSE Renewables, an offshoot project, looks to combine wind farms in order to build a super project to create an output of over 4.1GW

In an unprecedented move, Scotland’s east coast is expected to get a major boost as one offshore wind farm has been combined with another. Berwick Bank Wind Farm combines two existing projects – Marr and East Moor – which were not only environmentally friendly but also created jobs in their construction process! 

By combining these two areas into just one single installation, it will allow for even more turbines at sea while simultaneously cutting down on environmental impact from fossil fuels like coal fired power plants do

which contribute greatly towards climate change. 

As if all of this weren’t enough reason already; there are plans underway by Scottish government officials who hope that this could be a vital step in achieving our net zero goals within the country, alongside boosting renewable energy sources in certain areas.

Scotland has announced plans to increase its renewable energy capacity by nearly 30% in an effort to tackle climate change and accelerate their net zero ambitions. The move comes as part of Scotland’s recent commitment at World Energy Week, which saw them announce goals for generating all their electricity needs from clean sources like wind or solar power within the next ten years.

A Scottish government representative said “Renewables have made great strides over past few decades but we need new technologies if we are going be successful beyond 2020.”

Berwick Bank Wind Farm is set to be a major source of clean electricity in the coming years, as it would generate enough power for more than five million homes. This wind farm could avoid 8 million tonnes of carbon each year from being released into our atmosphere – or what equivalent amounts up with all Scotland’s car emissions annually! If approved by authorities and constructed within the next few decades; this development promises not only an eco-friendly future but also increased economic opportunities among many other advantages too, as over the next few years, this wind farm could help create green electricity and give people a sustainable way of living.